Facebook Contests

Why Run Facebook Contests?

More and more brands and businesses run contests to increase visibility and brand awareness, to improve customer engagement, or to qualify sales prospects. Facebook contests are becoming a popular web marketing strategy for small businesses and large brands alike. Because each organizer has different goals, we take the time to discuss the best contest method with our clients.

Whatever type of contest you choose, you can benefit from impressive viral marketing on Facebook: the contest will not only engage your existing fans but will also attract new ones via the social plugins share, like and invite. The web woven around the Facebook contests allows you to increase visibility and interest in your brand.

To enter a Facebook contest, the Internet user needs to register and provide personal data (name, first name, email, date of birth, gender, etc.). This means you gather valuable information for your communication materials (newsletters for example).

What Are Facebook Contests?

A Facebook contest (also called Facebook app) is a web application that is directly integrated and accessible on the Facebook page of a brand or business. Restricted to Facebook users, they can enter it directly from their account.
The native features of Facebook already offer the tools for developing this application (authentication, personal data requests, sharing, statistics, invite friends, etc.).

Different Types of Facebook Contests

There are many types of contests, ranging from standard to entirely custom. According to your goals, your budget, and your communication strategy, we will recommend the best type of contest for managing and growing your Facebook community.

1. 1. « Simple » Facebook Contests

Although they do not offer a new user experience, these types of contests are widespread and can be set up in five minutes at a reduced cost.

Instant Win Games

Principe :
Entrants fill out a form, click the call-to-action button and know instantly if they have won a prize. You can program in advance the rules for winning.
Benefits :
Quick to install
Require very little effort from entrants to participate

Photo or Video Contests

Principe :
Entrants submit a picture (or a video) according to a predefined theme.
You can choose the winner by voting or judging, or both.
Your fans build awareness about your product, they spread the word out to future clients or customers
Because this method has a larger barrier to entry (fans must take a picture/ make a video, publish it, share it), you will not have many participants.

Quiz Contests (Nocibé)

Principe :
Participants have to answer questions correctly to enter a drawing.
The correct answers to the questions are somewhere on your website, encouraging participants to browse through your pages, increasing your traffic.

Personality Tests (example : la pomme de caractere?)

Principe :
Based on the same principles as personality quizzes in women’s magazines, entrants answer a series of questions and get a score they can share on their Facebook profile.
Internet users love to share their personality, and you will likely have viral reach.

Other types of contest are sweepstakes, battles, memory, etc.

2. 1. Custom Facebook App Development

When a brand or a business wants to stand out and offer Internet users a new experience, we can design a custom Facebook application.
We guide you throughout the entire design process of a Facebook contest:

  • Viral marketing and type of contest
  • Graphic design
  • What types of personal data should I collect
  • Statistics
  • Promotion

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