Business Application Development

Some of our clients have more specific requirements: they are looking for tools to automate daily tasks and increase productivity. A plain-vanilla website cannot address the complex business functions they need. That is why we develop business applications for them.

What Are Business Applications?

A business application is a web application developed for a particular company to computerize and automate various internal business functions.

What Are the Benefits of Business Applications?

Custom web applications offer companies a range of advantages:

  • Easier to use and faster to learn than conventional software, and therefore cheaper.
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device with a web browser (desktop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Adaptable and scalable, capable of evolving according to the company needs.
  • Installation on workstations is not required: the host server for the business applications is accessible from the Internet, making support and updates easy.
Développement d'applications métiers

Business Application Development Framework

We use the framework of Symfony, mainly because this tool meets all requirements for security, complex architecture, and performance for developing this type of custom applications. Symfony also allows managing highly complex and scalable projects.

Examples of Business Applications Atalanta Developed

Due to the specific requirements of the business activities and the management processes of our clients, the business applications are unique for each project.
We have created business applications for warehouse management: inventory management, grouping customer orders, management of purchase orders, back-order processing, etc.
We have developed a financial application with algorithms to make ergonomic investment recommendation reports. The application makes a historic analysis of different investment funds and attributes a note according to specific criteria. The collected data allow users to make anticipated investment choices.

Fully aware of the benefits business applications offer for increasing productivity, we created our own Code Playground web application to share development related information. We maximized efficiency and comfort at work!

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